Living in sunny California has many, many advantages. But one of the most costly drawbacks of all of our beautiful weather is the damage the sun and heat can do to your vehicle. Even though today’s paint and sealants are tougher than ever, you will still notice gradual deterioration as the sun takes its toll. And unfortunately, the damage is not limited to the exterior of your vehicle. But you can follow a few tips to minimize the damage that the sun and heat do to your car, truck, van, or SUV.

Protecting The Exterior Finish

Even if you are fortunate enough to have a garage or covered parking, your vehicle is still exposed to the sun’s harmful rays the entire time you drive around town. And just like your skin, your car’s exterior needs some UV protection to remain looking great. A coat of quality wax acts as an added layer of protection from the harsh sun. And it also helps keep abrasive material like sand from scuffing the paint and causing it to deteriorate more rapidly. With a fresh coat of wax every three months and a weekly car wash, your vehicle’s surface should remain as attractive as the day you bought it.

To get the most protection possible out of the wax, try to park in a shaded or covered space whenever possible. This will extend the life of each wax application and reduce UV damage to your vehicle’s paint. And it will also go a long way to reducing the heat buildup inside your car. You will be more comfortable when you jump in, and the interior materials in your vehicle will also breathe a sigh of relief.

Protecting Your Vehicles Interior Surfaces

Whenever you are parked in the sun, your vehicle’s dashboard is taking a beating. The sun’s intensity is magnified by the windshield, making it more damaging than ever. The heat bakes and dries the dash material until it becomes very brittle. The best way to avoid this problem is with a sunshade that will cover the entire dash. You can grab one for a few bucks at the auto parts store or even order one online. But this simple tool will do wonders for reducing the sun damage to your vehicle’s dashboard. But remember, it will still get pretty warm in your vehicle, so take the time to apply a cleaner that removes dust and restores the moisture to your dash. This step will help avoid that nasty grey bleaching that makes your dashboard look old and unattractive.

The other part of your car that suffers at the hands of both extreme heat and UV rays is the seats. Cloth and leather both dry out and fade from long-term exposure to heat and sunlight. Seat covers are a sure way to protect the surface of your seats. And they are easy to remove and clean. If you are not a fan of covering your seats, the windshield sunscreen will also help reduce the sunlight and heat that will damage your seats’ surface. Regular cleaning is also essential to remove dust and dirt that is abrasive and can damage the surface. And for leather seats, be sure to apply leather protectant to moisturize and protect the leather.

If you are reading these tips a little too late, there is still hope for your sun-damaged vehicle. The team at Master Craft Auto Body Shop is here to help you restore the beauty of your vehicle. Call us at (818) 643-6971 or stop by our location for an estimate.

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