Many vehicle owners never think about visiting an auto body shop unless they have been involved in a serious accident. They don’t realize that even though we work with almost any insurance company when the repairs are part of a claim, we are equally prepared to work with individuals. And there are five main areas of vehicle repair where we specialize. 


Dents can occur in a variety of ways. Small dents happen at the grocery store from another car door, shopping cart, or backing too far into a parking space. And some happen in what is often called a fender bender or minor collision. But no matter what caused the damage, your auto body shop is the place to go for reliable and affordable dent repair. The paint and sealant layer of your vehicle is essential to protecting the metal from our environment’s hazards like water and salt air. So get a quote soon after the dent occurs to prevent more extensive and costly rust damage.


Your car’s paint can take much abuse from car doors to keys or shopping carts. But when those scratches or even rock chips expose bare metal, it is essential that you have the damage repaired while it is still very minor and inexpensive to fix. If ignored, water and salt air are sure to turn that tiny scratch into a large patch of rust. And rest assured, there is no one more skilled at matching your vehicle’s existing paint than the pros at your favorite auto body shop. Once the touch-up is completed, you will never know that there was ever any damage to your car’s paint job.


Your auto glass provides an essential layer of protection to you and everyone in your vehicle. But if the glass is cracked or even chipped by something, your level of safety drops substantially. Sure, it is frustrating to have a tiny rock take a chip out of your crystal clear windshield. But even more frustrating will be the glare or vision impairment created when the setting sun is hitting the imperfection in the glass. Don’t take any chances. As soon as you see damage to any of the glass on your vehicle, stop into an auto body shop for a price quote for a glass repair or replacement.


Your vehicle’s bumpers are designed to absorb the impact and damage of a low-speed collision. They provide a basic level of protection for the rest of the vehicle’s components. And they are easily replaced. While they are not genuinely disposable, they can be repaired or replaced very affordably. And once that repair is made, they are back to their job or protecting the more delicate and costly parts of your car, truck, van, or SUV. When you experience any minor damage to your bumpers, be sure to have the area checked out at an auto body shop. You never can tell if there is additional damage concealed under the bumper.


Fenders are the metal pieces that frame your vehicle’s wheel wells. And they can be easily damaged in a minor collision. If you have damage to a fender after an accident, visit your auto body pros to have them inspect the alignment, steering, and tires for additional damage.

While auto body damage might appear minimal, it is always smart to call (818) 643-6971 for an appointment with the pros at Master Craft Auto Body Shop to check it out. Our team will determine the extent of the damage and provide you with a price quote for any necessary repairs.


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