You can tell a lot about the quality of an auto body business by the work that they turn out of their paint shop. The quality of the paint job relies on attention to detail, proper prep, application, and patience. If the shop owner is willing to settle for a low-quality paint finish, you never know what other corners are being cut. When you evaluate the work of an auto body shop’s paintwork, look for the following five warning signs that tell you the job is low quality.

  1. Overspray- This is a clear sign that the shop did not take the time and effort to tape off the area to be painted. Not only is this a mess that could be very hard to correct, depending on what surfaces got hit with the overspray, but it lets you know they were willing to skip an essential step in the repainting process. And it makes you wonder what else they felt they could ignore.
  2. Poor Color Matching- Color matching a vehicle’s existing paint is challenging and sometimes time-consuming. But it is one that quality shops invest the time to do right. And they also invest in hiring professionals who know how to do the job correctly. It can be hard to spot a bad color match, especially in low light. Insist on seeing a vehicle in direct sunlight. And if you have a concern about work performed on your car, take it to another body shop or paint shop to ask for a professional evaluation.
  3. Uneven Texture- There is an art to painting a car. It follows a specific process, and there is no way to rush the job. A professional knows that spraying too close to the surface will result in an uneven application that looks like it has ripples or dimples like the surface of an orange. These imperfections can also occur if the shop was in a rush to get the job done and used artificial heat to dry the paint more rapidly. A quality paint job takes the time it takes. And there is no way to rush the job and have the paint look perfect.
  4. Running Paint- There should never be drips or runs in the paint. The proper application is essential to create perfectly smooth thin layers. If a paint shop is in a hurry, they will try to apply fewer, thicker coats of paint rather than the correct number of thin, even coats. Look closely for any runs, drips, or sagging on the surface of the paint. If these issues are present, the car should be repeated.
  5. Poor Sanding Or Repairs- If your vehicle needed some surface repairs before being painted, it is crucial that the area was filled correctly and sanded. Several versions of filler are used in layers to provide a smooth surface finish when sanded. You should not be able to feel any bumps, dips, or bulges on the surface of a repaired panel.

You should never settle for poor quality workmanship on your vehicle. And if you are evaluating other vehicles to locate a quality shop, they should be happy and proud to show off their work. Seeing any of the five issues listed above is a sign that it is time to leave that shop. Instead, call (818) 643-6971 and set up a time to visit Master Craft Auto Body Shop. We take pride in the exceptional work that our team provides to each customer. And we will be happy to show you as many examples of our work as you would like to see.

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