When you are involved in a collision, your first concern is for the safety of everyone involved. As the shock wears off, you prepare for the process of getting your vehicle repaired. But one of the first things most drivers discover is that their insurance company appears to be more interested in saving money than getting you the highest quality auto repairs available. And there is much helpful information they might not provide.

Most Impact Damage Goes Beyond The Vehicle Surface

Think of the impact as a shock wave that travels through the entire vehicle and can damage the frame, body panels, interior, and mechanical components. An initial evaluation of the surface damage rarely reveals all the damage. In most cases, the estimate must be amended for added damage discovered when the car is in the body shop.

The Appraisers Skill has A significant Impact On The Insurance Estimate

A seasoned appraiser will know that surface damage is only the beginning. And after years of examining vehicle impact damage, the person will know what to include that is not visible from a general inspection. But in many cases, your auto body shop will discover additional damage and need to contact the insurance company to update your claim.

Totaling A Car Is About More Than The Damage

An insurance company will only consider a vehicle totaled if the cost to repair it exceeds its value. So a new car will require a substantial amount of damage to be considered totaled. However, an older vehicle will reach that point with far less damage.

Your Repaired Vehicle Can Be As Good As New

Many drivers believe that a repaired vehicle will never be the same as a new one. But when you select the right auto body shop, that is not the case. Auto manufacturers work directly with auto body shops to provide extensive training and resources to ensure that vehicles are repaired to meet the manufacturer’s original specifications. The vital factor in the success or failure of the repairs lies in selecting a quality auto body shop to complete the repairs professionally using OEM parts installed by factory-trained experts.

You Can Choose Your Auto Body Shop

Many insurance companies offer a list of preapproved auto body shops to their customers. This means that the insurance company will work directly with the shop to submit cost estimates and payments to the service provider. In some cases, there is also an agreement in place between the insurance company and the auto body shop to offer additional discounts to the insurance company.  However, you are always free to select the auto body shop of your choice. Your vehicle is being worked on, and you have been paying the premiums for the insurance coverage. So never let your insurance company force you to work with a repair shop that you are not confident will do a great job.

The Magnet Trick Is No Longer Reliable

In the past, you could quickly identify a vehicle that had been repaired with a magnet. Filler was used to correct dents in the metal. And a magnet would not be drawn to those parts of the car. However, today’s technology allows professionals to reshape metal body panels without the need for filler. So when you take your damaged vehicle to a reputable auto body shop, it will not be coming back to you patched with putty.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about quality collision repairs, call (818) 643-6971. The experts at Master Craft Auto Body Shop are here to assist you in getting your car returned to the manufacturer’s specifications and looking exceptional.

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