Living in California is fantastic. The weather is excellent, and the sun is shining most of the time. But everything that you love about this fantastic climate is killing the finish of your car. And no matter what you do or how careful you are, there always seem to be spider web scratches on your car’s finish. Those are the light swirls, imperfections, and scratches that resemble spider webbing strung across your vehicle. If only they were as simple to remove as a real spider web. But the good news is that they can be professionally removed. And we are going to tell you how to ensure that they never return.

What Causes Those Annoying Micro Scratches?

Have you ever noticed that those tiny scratches on your vehicle’s paint look a lot like your skin when it is very dry? Well, that is because both conditions are due to a dried-out surface. In the case of your skin, you use an oil-based moisturizer to keep your skin soft and hydrated. And the surface of your car needs to get that same attention. The longer your car is exposed to UV rays and the elements, the more the surface dries out. And eventually, the clear coat that should be protecting your paint job is dry and cracking. In this condition, any abrasion, even a microfiber towel, will add scratches to the damaged finish on your car.

How Do You Correct Spider Webbing

The simple answer is to buff out the micro-cracks in the clear coat to remove the scratches that look awful in just the right light. But before you run to the auto parts store for a few provisions, think about the process. You literally need to sand or buff off part of the clear coat protecting your car’s paint. So to put that in perspective, the average application of clear coat is 1.5 – 2.0 mils thick, or about 35 to 50 microns. A sheet of paper is about 200 microns. So there is very, very little margin for error. Go just a tad too deep, and you will be buffing off paint and everything. This job is best left to the trustworthy hands of a professional.

What About After The Scratches Are Removed

After you have your car professionally detailed and the scratches buffed out of the clear coat, you are going to want to prevent them from ever reappearing. There is nothing better than walking around your car in the bright sunlight and seeing not a single imperfection in the paint. It will look brand new again. And you need to keep the clear coat moist with regular applications of quality wax. The clear coat protects your expensive paint job, but you need the wax to protect the clear coat from the harsh UV rays we have in California.

Who To Trust For Quality Work

When you need someone to buff the scratches out of your car’s clear coat finish, who better than the experts at Master Craft Auto Body Shop? Our business is repairing all types of damage to vehicles, from significant collision body damage to those annoying spider scratches. And each time we work on a car, it needs to look perfect when we are finished. Call us at (818) 643-6971 to schedule an appointment to buff and wax your vehicle to return the finish to that showroom-new look that you fell in love with. And know that our warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee are here to ensure that you get nothing but the highest quality work on your vehicle.

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