Car accidents continue to be a severe problem, even with new safety features and technology coming out each year. In 2018 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported over 2.7 million injury victims due to car accidents. But what might be even more alarming is that more than 36,000 people died that year as a result of injuries from a car accident. These staggering numbers leave drivers asking what is causing these accidents and how they can be reduced.

Human Error And Bad Choices

Human error is to blame in almost all car accidents. There are always choices that a driver could have made to eliminate the potential for an accident. Simple things like remaining focused, staying alert, removing distractions, and following the laws of the road all sound like simple things that responsible drivers always do, but they are not.

Distracted Driving Is Life Altering

Distracted driving is a huge blanket that covers a multitude of activities that drivers combine with driving. We are all told that multi-tasking is the way to get more done. But it is not safe when you are driving your car. Stop texting, talking on the phone, reading emails, surfing the web, grooming, and eating while driving. Your brain needs to focus on the road, other drivers, the surroundings, and the weather conditions when you are driving. Any other task is taking away the focus that makes you a safe driver.

There Is No Excuse For Drunk Driving

Choosing to drive when you are drunk is an unforgivable mistake. There are too many other options like rideshare, public transportation, calling a friend, or simply sleeping it off before you choose to drive your vehicle. You are risking your safety and the lives of everyone else around your car when you decide to drive after drinking.

This deliberate choice is one of the worst that anyone can ever make. Over two dozen people die each day in the United States at the hands of drunk drivers. There are 29 deaths each day in the U.S. that are caused by drunk drivers. Every one of those tragedies could be avoided by making just one good choice to not drive after drinking.

Being In A Hurry

This category also covers many poor choices that are made for little or no reason. When people are late or feel like they should not be forced to wait for their turn, they rush or hurry. And the result is often a car accident. Deciding to drive over the posted speed limit, dash in and out of traffic, or choosing to ignore red lights and stop signs are all choices that people make to save time. But what they are actually doing is risking their safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Slow down, follow the laws, and be patient to avoid a costly and potentially life-threatening car accident.

Accidents Not Related To Human Error But Maybe An Error In Judgement

Some car accidents are caused by bad weather, road conditions, or damage to your vehicle. But you always have the option to drive more slowly and carefully in less than perfect conditions. Choose to keep your car in good condition and only move at a speed that is safe for the road and weather conditions. Be wise to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone around you. And if you do find yourself involved in a car accident, call (818) 643-6971. The pros at Master Craft Auto Body Shop will assist you in getting your vehicle towed to our location for a free repair estimate and fully warrantied collision repair.

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