When you think about driving around town, you picture the great sunny weather and many beautiful sights. But what most drivers don’t often think about until it is too late are the hazards that you encounter every time you head out for a drive. Some are hazards that you can see, while others lurk just out of sight. But they are all hazardous to your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Road Hazards

Living in SoCal, it is easy to forget about road conditions and hazards. Even though we are not dealing with icy winter weather, we have environmental conditions that take their toll on our roads. From the heat of the summer sun to the shifting of a seismic tremor, our road surfaces can take a beating. And when they do, those bumps and potholes can create some scary situations. It is not uncommon for a driver to lose control when hitting a large hole or bump at high speed. The result is often a dangerous and costly accident.

High winds can also deposit some large pieces of debris or tree branches in the roadway. If you are distracted, you might not see the obstruction until the last second. Your natural reaction is to jerk the wheel, often causing an accident. Keep your eyes on the road to avoid these issues that can be dangerous to you and other drivers.

Bad Weather

In SoCal, you will not encounter much snow, but we do have our share of rain and even mudslides on occasion. When the roadway gets wet, tires can quickly lose traction. The weeks or months of grime and oil on the road’s surface make them as slippery as glass. When you notice wet pavement, slow down and use extra caution to avoid a collision. And never try to drive through a road or intersection that is flooded. Many hazards could be hidden by deep water.

Feathered And Four-Legged Friends

Many regions are filled with wildlife and even domestic pets that have no road sense. These critters often dart out into the street with no fear of your oncoming vehicle. If you are not watching for these trespassers, you will likely panic and make a huge mistake. No one ever wants to hurt an animal, but there are times when it is unavoidable. You hit the animal to save yourself or another human life. Being aware of areas with a lot of animal traffic is the best way to avoid this unpleasant situation. Drive a bit more slowly and be on the lookout for critters who are not car smart.

Children At Play

Every driver’s biggest fear is hurting a child. The problem is that small children can dart out of almost any space at any time. Drivers must be focused on their surroundings and watching for children at every moment. Be extra careful near parks, bike trails, and neighborhoods for a child chasing a ball or running home. It is also common to see a child racing out into the street after a loose dog. You spot the dog and swerve only to see the child when it is too late. Be cautious anywhere that there could be a child present.

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