When you are getting ready to sell your car, truck, or SUV, you want to get the best price possible, but you don’t want to invest much money to do it. The pros at Master Craft Auto Body Shop understand your dilemma and have a few tips to help you get your vehicle ready to make a great first impression on potential buyers. And the best part is that these tips take little money and will have a considerable impact on the appearance of your vehicle.

Inspect And Repair What You Can

If there are huge issues with your vehicle, it will be far more challenging to sell, and the price is likely to be lower than you want. In addition, a car that looks like it never received any maintenance is going to many buyers very concerned about its reliability. Investing a small amount is the best way to avoid all the buyers who take one look and then say they are not interested.

Items like a broken or cracked windshield, missing trim, or scratches can be repaired very affordably. But they change the entire appearance of the vehicle. What once looked like a car that lacked care is now a desirable vehicle that buyers will consider dependable transportation. Check with your insurance company to see if they cover replacement glass, and look for a paint match touch-up pen to cover any scratches.

Replace And Top Off

There are many consumables in a car. And when you replace things like wiper blades, burnt-out light bulbs, and washer fluid, it lets buyers know that the vehicle was owned by someone who cared for their car. It can also impress potential buyers when you show them that the car just had an oil change and vehicle inspection from a local shop. Finally, having all vehicle service documents to show buyers is also a great way to let them know that the vehicle has gotten regular service and will deliver reliability at a great price.

A Spa Day For Your Car

Investing the time in a deep clean and detail will make your vehicle look its best to get you the highest selling price possible. If you are going to take on this task yourself, start by removing all of the trash and personal items from the vehicle. Then remove the floor mats and vacuum all of the carpet. If there are only minor spots or stains, hit them with a carpet spot cleaner to restore the look to like new. Scrubbing the floor mats is always worth the extra few minutes. Let them dry completely before reinstalling them.

Next, wipe down all the surfaces with a cleaner to remove dust and grime. Leather seats and hard surfaces should be treated with a deep cleaner and moisturizing wipe or spray. Fabric seats should be vacuumed and checked for spots. Remove any stains as you did with the carpet. Finally, wash and dry the exterior to bring out the shine of the finish and windows.

If you do not have the time, space, or tools to handle these tasks, the experts at Master Craft Auto Body Shop are here to help. Our team of detail specialists can get your car gleaming clean inside and out. In addition, our body shop experts can touch up any paint issue and even eliminate any rust to make your vehicle look its best and fetch you the highest sale price possible. So call (818) 643-6971 to schedule your appointment today and know that what you invest will come back to you many times over when you sell your vehicle for top dollar.

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