According to a recent study, most people keep their cars longer than they did in the past. What was once a 48 or 60-month ownership is now nearly 80 months. And the average car on the road these days is over a decade old. Part of this is due to the improvements in technology and the durability of vehicles. And some of this longevity can be credited to advances in repair and repainting processes. Now a repainted vehicle can have the same luster and beauty as the factory paint job. But when it comes to getting that new paint application, car owners need to know that there are many reasons a low-priced paint job is not the bargain you might think it is.

The Price You Pay To Live In SoCal

While everyone will tell you that they love the sunny warm weather, and the proximity to the beach is a huge bonus as well. But what they don’t love about our climate is the toll it can take on their vehicle. The paint takes the most abuse, especially if it is not waxed and washed regularly. Once the paint is dried out and flaking, the only solution is a new paint job. But this one cosmetic fix can restore the look of your vehicle to like new. However, beware. You get what you pay for when it comes to bargain paint jobs versus the professional work delivered by Master Craft Auto Body Shop.

What You Will Invest And Why It Is Worth The Money

Repainting a car can come with a fairly small to exceptionally large price tag. But what you need to understand is that the job that costs only a couple of grand will look like a cost-cutter product when it is completed. A quality paint job that is professionally applied can cost $5,000 or more. But that investment will look new and protect your vehicle as well as the original paint application.

The Tiny Details That Make A Difference

When you have your vehicle professionally painted, there is more to the job than just getting new paint applied. The process begins with a process that is called de-trim. That involves taking off the moldings, handles, some glass as needed, and the plastic bumpers. Some places will claim that masking off these areas is adequate. But over time, the paint is more likely to peel or chip away at the edge where the body was masked.

Next, all the damaged paint must be removed and the dents and dings repaired to provide a perfect surface for the new paint. Leaving chips and peeling paint or rust will result in an inferior finish and a poor appearance. Then the repaired areas need to be primed and sanded. Finally, the entire surface needs light sanding to create texture to allow the new paint to bond to the vehicle surface. After a wash with soap and a mild solvent, the vehicle is ready to receive 2 to 3 coats of high-quality paint.

Once the paint is dry, it is polished before the reassembly of the detail and trim pieces. Then there is a final wash inside and out.

When you come to pick up your repainted vehicle at [Auto Body Shop], we know you will be impressed with the quality of the finish, workmanship, and the lifetime limited paint guarantee. You can pay less to have your car repainted, but it will look like a car that was repainted. So let our pros recreate your vehicle’s like-new look. Call (818) 643-6971 to make an appointment for your complete price quote.

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