Any damage to your vehicle is upsetting. Even if you are extremely careful, some situations are beyond your control. For example, a vehicle accident or even a door ding from the parking lot at the mall will leave their mark on your vehicle. And the only way to correct that damage and prevent further issues from rust or other complications is the service of a quality auto body shop. Your selection of the body shop that will work on your car, truck, or SUV has a significant impact on the quality and appearance of your vehicle after the repair is completed.

How OEM Plays Into An Auto Body Repair

First, it is critical that you know what OEM means. This is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. And it means that the parts used to repair any damage to your vehicle will be identical to those used when the car was initially made. The size specifications, durability, and quality of the parts are equal to the damaged parts. It also means that the technician will not need to alter or modify the components to install them on your vehicle. They will fit perfectly because they were made specifically for your car.

What Are Aftermarket Parts Then?

Anyone can make aftermarket parts. And the third-party maker can determine the specifications of the parts rather than following the precise guidelines of the OEM parts. Of course, this means the aftermarket parts might not fit as well, be designed to last as long, or have the durability of the OEM parts. However, in most cases, the aftermarket parts are less expensive than the OEM version. And that is why many insurance companies prefer to have auto body shops use aftermarket parts whenever possible to control repair costs.

Do You Have A Say In Selecting OEM Or Aftermarket?

Even if your insurance company is paying for your car repairs, you should have a say in the parts being used. You can review your insurance policy or call your insurance agent to verify that OEM parts are covered in your vehicle insurance policy. You should also speak to the technician at the auto body shop to make it clear that you want OEM parts specified on the price quote submitted to the insurance company for approval.

The Challenge Of Aftermarket Parts

If you are upgrading your vehicle, it could be necessary to use some aftermarket parts, as the manufacturer does not offer what you want. So it becomes critical that you do your research and verify the aftermarket manufacturer’s reputation and the parts you are selecting. While not all aftermarket parts are constructed to the highest standards, some are. And it is up to you to determine which parts offer a level of quality that you are comfortable adding to your vehicle.

Picking The Right Auto Body Shop

The best resource that you will find for aftermarket automotive parts is a reliable auto body shop. At Master Craft Auto Body Shop, we have worked with car owners and enthusiasts in the Van Nuys area for years. And we have become well-known for our quality workmanship and integrity. Our team of experts will provide you with honest feedback and information about the aftermarket parts that we offer and the ones we are not interested in selling to our customers or installing on their vehicles. We want to know that each customer who leaves our shop is happy with the service quality and parts used on their vehicle and that they offer the highest level of safety possible. Call (818) 643-6971 to speak to a professional if you have questions about a specific aftermarket part or manufacturer.

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