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If you are totally confused about whether to incorporate a car safety feature into your old car or buy a new car that comes with the feature built in, you are not alone. Car safety features can be upgraded easily after the purchase of your vehicle, and many vehicle owners have been able to avoid major collisions with after-purchase installation. Below, you will find which features to add so you don’t have to worry about getting involved in an accident when you hit the road.

Collision-Avoidance System

A collision avoidance system is one of those modern technologies that you can fit into your old car. The aftermarket parts are easily available, and prices are more affordable than buying a new car that comes with this feature. It can not only save your life but also make driving a breeze. So, what is in a collision-avoidance system? Basically, the package consists of a camera, sensor, and dashboard display. The installation process, although easy, should be done by a professional to ensure proper functionality.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Having a tire pressure monitor is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways for drivers to ensure the working condition of their car tires. It is helpful in monitoring the tire pressure of all the tires through a sensor connected to the tire valve cap. You can get one installed by a car expert like Master Craft Auto Body if you live in or around Van Nuys, CA. And with Van Nuys being in close proximity to Los Angeles, you will definitely need all the safety features you can get hold of for your car.

Parking Sensors

This is another feature that is worth looking into when you are shopping for safety devices. Parking sensors come in handy where there are limited parking spaces. This system alerts you to people and objects obstructing your way when you are parking, reversing, or making a turn. The sensors are installed on the bumpers just like cameras. The display that can be mounted on a dashboard will warn you when you are dangerously close to an object.

Engine Diagnostic Kit

Engine diagnostics allow you to connect your car’s safety features with an application that indicates oil levels, air filter conditions, and the status of various elements related to the health of your vehicle. All you need to do is plug it into the port and access it via your smartphone. The feature also sends a reminder for your next oil change, maintenance work, or other services.

Bluetooth Calling Kits

In most states, including California, traffic law prohibits cellphone usage while driving. The solution is to use a hands-free kit that allows you to make and receive emergency calls or listen to music without the need to grab your phone. This feature is also inexpensive to add.

If you are looking for safety features to add to your car for a long drive or your daily commute, do not hesitate to contact Master Craft Auto Body.

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