Broken Car Windshield

Even if you have been driving carefully in Van Nuys, CA, windshield damage can happen at any time. This is a relatively frequent occurrence while driving on highways connecting Van Nuys to Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, or Anaheim. In this guide, we cover seven types of windshield cracks that drivers encounter and offer solutions to fix them.

1. Bull’s-Eye

Bull’s-eye cracks are a common occurrence among frequent commuters. These cracks have a chip that is circular in shape. They run deep into the glass’s outer layer. A certified technician from our company will be able to fix these cracks quickly and easily.

2. Half-Moon Crack

Just like bull’s-eye cracks, half-moon cracks damage the outer layer. They are caused by high-impact objects such as small rocks and gravel. The cracks look like an oval or half-circle.

3. Star Break

Windshield damage caused by impact from an object, such as stone, gravel, or a branch, is easy to identify. The glass will show a point of contact from the object with cracks extending from it in various directions like the points of a star. These cracks are typically small and easy to fix with quick repair or replacement service from Master Craft Auto Body. Star breaks should be taken care of immediately to avoid further damage to the windshield.

4. Long Cracks

Windshield cracks that occur due to changes in pressure, temperature, or faulty installation are classified as non-impact damage. These long cracks are linear in nature and spread over 15 cm. They are not only difficult to repair quickly but can also cause further damage if the entire windshield is not replaced. A long crack typically occurs when there is a sudden change in temperature or when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

5. Stress Crack

Stress cracks are a result of wear and tear. Years of using the vehicle cause too much stress on the glass and weaken the edges over time. The only solution to fix these cracks is to replace the glass.

6. Edge Crack

Edge cracks start at the edge and extend towards the rest of the windshield. Edge cracks occur when there is too much pressure on the edges of the windshield. One of the common reasons for edge cracks is improper installation.

7. Combination Break

A combination break occurs when there is more than one type of crack on the windshield. For instance, a star crack may extend more than 15 cm, resulting in a long crack. This type of damage can be resolved by a full windshield replacement.

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