Repairing car dent after the accident by paintless dent repair

Why Paintless Dent Repair Is More Affordable and Convenient

If your car has a hailstorm ding, a standard repair process can be expensive and time-consuming. You may want to consider paintless dent repair, a more convenient and affordable solution. Here’s how the process can save you time and uphold your car’s value.

The Process Is Convenient for Everyone

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a process that involves car dent restoration without touching the paint. An experienced technician only needs a set of tools to apply heat and pressure on the vehicle’s body.

If hailstorms damage the body during the winter here in Van Nuys, you don’t have to worry about repainting. Sanding and repainting could lead to additional problems like inconsistencies in the paintwork. Unlike the traditional dent repair process, paintless dent repair is more convenient for everyone involved.

Affordable Dent Repair Solution

A traditional dent repair process is invasive and involves more work to eliminate dings. For example, the technician may have to remove a portion of the car’s body to fix the dent. Additional tasks, such as sanding and repainting, can add up and increase the costs.

On the other hand, PDR utilizes a dent puller to fix the body. The dent puller applies suction pressure to reverse the depression on the body. Traditional repair techniques can be expensive, even for shallow dents on your vehicle.

Save Time With Paintless Dent Repair

If there’s a shallow ding, the last thing you want is to sit around for hours waiting for repairs. Traditional techniques may take days or weeks to complete the work. In a fast-paced world, daily routine without your car can affect many aspects of your life.

The advantage of the PDR process is that it results in less downtime for your vehicle. Our repair technicians from Master Craft Auto Body can complete the task within an hour. Many car owners prefer the PDR process because it saves time and resources.

Retain Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Since paintless dent repair does not require sanding or repainting, it avoids many problems associated with the traditional process. You don’t have to drill holes or acquire additional materials for repair. That means corrosion is unlikely to happen because the car’s body remains intact.

The PDR process does not impact the car’s resale value since the repair does not affect the body. It is a tried-and-true method recognized by car manufacturers and the automobile industry for decades.

Insurance companies prefer PDR to traditional repair processes due to the lower reimbursement costs. PDR can maximize your investment and is the best process to uphold your vehicle’s resale value.

PDR may not be ideal for dents in hard-to-reach spots on the vehicle. That’s why the process requires skilled technicians to evaluate the body’s condition before repairs. If you have any questions on auto body repairs, contact us at Master Craft Auto Body in Van Nuys, CA.

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Top Questions to Ask a Potential Auto Body Repair Shop

While Van Nuys is well-known for its various Metrolink and Orange Line stations, a good portion of the population still prefers to drive their own vehicle. Unfortunately, from time to time, this can result in collisions. If you’ve recently been involved in a collision and need body shop repair, here are a few questions you should ask before hiring a shop to do the work.

Do You Provide a Written Estimate?

One of the very first questions you should ask a potential auto body shop is whether or not they provide a written estimate. Getting a written estimate that is itemized is extremely important to understand what repairs are going to be done. Most insurance companies will require you to have this itemized estimate list before they cover the cost of the repairs.

Do You Have a Warranty?

Another essential question to ask is whether or not a particular body shop has a warranty that goes along with its repairs. Master Craft Auto Body in Van Nuys, CA and other reputable body shops offer a warranty on their repairs. This helps to provide you with peace of mind in the event that something isn’t fixed correctly. Some body shops may offer a warranty for a year, while others may offer a lifetime warranty.

Do You Offer Loaner Cars?

It’s always a good idea to ask an auto body shop whether or not they offer loaner cars. These are vehicles that are loaned out by the body shop for you to drive while your vehicle is getting fixed. If the body shop you’re thinking about going with doesn’t offer loaner cars, be sure to ask if they have a relationship with a rental car agency. Many times, rental car agencies will bring out a rental vehicle to the body shop for you to switch into when you drop off your vehicle for auto body repairs.

Do You Work Directly With My Car Insurance Provider?

Most auto body shops will work with a variety of different insurance providers on a daily basis. However, it’s important that you verify that whatever shop you do business with will work with your car insurance provider. This will save you the trouble of having to pay for the repairs upfront and get reimbursed from your insurance company.

How Long Will Repairs Take?

Another great question to ask a potential body shop is how long they believe your repairs will take. Sometimes the body shop will need to look over your entire vehicle and create an itemized estimate before they can provide you with an adequate time frame. However, it’s important to establish that time frame so that you can make arrangements for your rental car or other modes of transportation until you get your vehicle back.

While you may not want to think about it, car accidents do happen. Understanding what questions to ask to ensure that you’re picking a quality auto body shop is a must. If you’ve recently been involved in an accident, be sure to contact the experts at Master Craft Auto Body today!

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Top 5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for the Summer Season

Many people who reside in Van Nuys, CA spend the summer enjoying the warm weather by taking road trips. Whether you plan to head to the beach or explore another state, your car should be reliable and ready for the adventure. A little forethought will help you avoid becoming stranded. There are a few main tips to follow to improve the operation of your vehicle and reduce the risk of issues under the hood.

1. Schedule an Inspection

Schedule an inspection with a local mechanic so the technician can examine the different parts of the car. They’ll take a look at the tires, brake pads, belts, and hoses. During this appointment, they can change the oil to ensure the engine is lubricated and operating well. The inspection should also include testing the brake lights and headlights so that you have confidence the road ahead will be visible to you and you’ll be visible to other motorists.

2. Test the Battery

Test the car’s battery and secure all of the connections to confirm that they’re tight and clean. You can request a service professional to perform a battery test to determine if it can still hold a charge and that it’s not at the end of its lifespan.

3. Restock Your Emergency Supply Kit

It’s important to be prepared for accidents and unforeseen circumstances by restocking your emergency supply kit. Add new batteries to the flashlight, pack a few bottles of water, and include non-perishable snacks. You should also add a tool kit, gloves, duct tape, and flares.

4. Test the Air Conditioner

Test the air conditioner to determine if it’s blowing cool air out of all the vents. Increase the speed of the AC and check how long it takes to cool the car. If you notice it’s blowing warm air, it may require more refrigerant. If they’re clogged, the air filters may also need to be replaced to improve the airflow.

5. Wash the Car

Wash the car to improve your visibility through the windshield and have a clear view of your surroundings. The road salt that accumulates on the vehicle during the winter season can also cause a lot of damage to the paint on the body of the car. Perform a thorough car wash and clean the undercarriage to prevent rust from developing. You can also apply a coat of wax to restore the quality of the paint and give the car a glossy finish.

If you want to learn additional tips for preparing your car for the summer, feel free to turn to our experts at Master Craft Auto Body. Contact us today to use our services to restore the quality of your vehicle and make it look new again.

Man cleaning scratch on car with green microfiber cloth and cleaner remover

How to Protect Your Car From Fading

Fading auto body paint is a real issue in the harsh Southern California sun. If you want to keep your paint looking good for longer, there are a few tricks to help keep it from fading.

Avoid UV

While we do get a lot of UV rays from the sun here in Van Nuys, you can take some steps to help keep it from fading your car’s paint. Park your car either in your garage or under a cover at home. When you are searching for parking away from your house, try to pick a shady or covered spot if possible. This will help keep your paint looking great longer.

Wash Your Car

Even if your car has a protective clear coat, dirt and grime can eat away at that coating. Many classic cars use coatings or paints that will be eaten away more quickly than modern formulations. Since we have a huge classic car culture here in Van Nuys, you may already know the importance of washing your vehicle every few weeks. Make sure you use nonabrasive cleaners and tools to ensure you don’t etch your paint.

Dry Your Car By Hand

If you leave your car to air dry after washing, you may end up with damage over time. The minerals in water can damage your vehicle’s paint and make it look less vibrant. Always dry your car with clean microfiber cloths or another soft fabric to prevent water spots that can damage your automobile.

Wax After Washing

Using wax, like carnauba wax or synthetic car wax, will help add a protective layer to your car’s paint. An orbital waxer makes the process much faster and easier for you. You can do it by hand as well if you want a really great arm workout. Make sure you don’t wax too often, or else it will build up and ruin the look of your vehicle.

Don’t Use Polish

While wax builds up a protective layer and can restore moisture to paint, polish takes away. Polish works by stripping away part of the protective coating to make your car look new. Over time, the polish will wear away your paint and leave it vulnerable to damage. Therefore, use polish very sparingly.

Trust the Pros

While wax can help fill in and mask some imperfections, after a point, the wax can’t hide it anymore. When your car needs a paint repair, you can trust the professionals at Master Craft Auto Body. If you need a whole new paint job, we can help with a full auto paint job that will make your car look new. Contact us today and enjoy a better paint job.

Worker painting a silver car in a paint booth.

Good Reasons to Let a Professional Paint Your Car

Whether you’re looking to cover up a bunch of scratches or spotted areas, scheduling a car paint job is a wise idea. This is especially true if your vehicle is old, unattractive, or plain-looking. A fresh coat of paint or a custom design will work wonders for your ride in Van Nuys. We’ve listed the top reasons why you should hire a professional car painting team.

A New Color Increases Resale Value

Are you aware that paint color can affect how much your car is worth? It’s okay to take pride in your dazzling pink ride. However, that bright design might make it more challenging for you to find prospective buyers. The good news is that there’s an effective solution to this problem. At Master Craft Auto Body, we can increase the resale value of your beloved vehicle by painting it in a classic color. Common colors include silver, black, white, and red.

For the best results, you should select the most appealing paint color that fits the make and model of your automobile. Popular colors for your particular vehicle will look great and lure in more potential buyers in Van Nuys. For this reason, you’ll have better luck when it’s time to sell your car.

A Paint Job Provides Protection Against Rust and Corrosion

Rust on your car can be quite problematic. When the weather in Van Nuys is humid and wet, your vehicle is more likely to suffer from rust and corrosion. That risk increases considerably if your car breaks down and sits in the driveway for a long time. Fortunately, our high-quality auto painting services will help keep your vehicle from rusting. Plus, our outstanding handiwork will breathe new life into the car, making it shine like a brand-new automobile.

Your Happiness Improves With the New Look

Are you bored with your vehicle’s worn-out appearance? If your goal is to spruce up your car, it makes sense to have it painted in a stylish color scheme. This is where we come in. Without question, we have the necessary tools to perform one-of-a-kind makeovers. Based on your specifications, we’ll personalize your car accordingly. You can rest assured that riding around town in your beautifully painted vehicle will be more enjoyable and memorable.

Request a Quote at Your Convenience

If you want to restore the beauty of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to turn to us. We’ll gladly fulfill all of your auto painting needs. You can count on our comprehensive services even if you’re touching up a classic model. Because you’re entrusting the paint job to our team, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience immediate and long-term benefits. We take the hassle out of enhancing vehicles in Van Nuys. Call Master Craft Auto Body today or whenever you want to change how your car looks.

Broken Car Windshield

Learn About the 7 Types of Windshield Cracks

Even if you have been driving carefully in Van Nuys, CA, windshield damage can happen at any time. This is a relatively frequent occurrence while driving on highways connecting Van Nuys to Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, or Anaheim. In this guide, we cover seven types of windshield cracks that drivers encounter and offer solutions to fix them.

1. Bull’s-Eye

Bull’s-eye cracks are a common occurrence among frequent commuters. These cracks have a chip that is circular in shape. They run deep into the glass’s outer layer. A certified technician from our company will be able to fix these cracks quickly and easily.

2. Half-Moon Crack

Just like bull’s-eye cracks, half-moon cracks damage the outer layer. They are caused by high-impact objects such as small rocks and gravel. The cracks look like an oval or half-circle.

3. Star Break

Windshield damage caused by impact from an object, such as stone, gravel, or a branch, is easy to identify. The glass will show a point of contact from the object with cracks extending from it in various directions like the points of a star. These cracks are typically small and easy to fix with quick repair or replacement service from Master Craft Auto Body. Star breaks should be taken care of immediately to avoid further damage to the windshield.

4. Long Cracks

Windshield cracks that occur due to changes in pressure, temperature, or faulty installation are classified as non-impact damage. These long cracks are linear in nature and spread over 15 cm. They are not only difficult to repair quickly but can also cause further damage if the entire windshield is not replaced. A long crack typically occurs when there is a sudden change in temperature or when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

5. Stress Crack

Stress cracks are a result of wear and tear. Years of using the vehicle cause too much stress on the glass and weaken the edges over time. The only solution to fix these cracks is to replace the glass.

6. Edge Crack

Edge cracks start at the edge and extend towards the rest of the windshield. Edge cracks occur when there is too much pressure on the edges of the windshield. One of the common reasons for edge cracks is improper installation.

7. Combination Break

A combination break occurs when there is more than one type of crack on the windshield. For instance, a star crack may extend more than 15 cm, resulting in a long crack. This type of damage can be resolved by a full windshield replacement.

If Ayce Gogi has the best food in Van Nuys and Sepulveda Basin has the best view in the area, we have everything you need for your windshield at Master Craft Auto Body. We’d be happy to help you with other issues like collision repairs, too.

Driver pressing volume button of car radio on steering wheel of a car

Auto Safety Features That Come in Handy

If you are totally confused about whether to incorporate a car safety feature into your old car or buy a new car that comes with the feature built in, you are not alone. Car safety features can be upgraded easily after the purchase of your vehicle, and many vehicle owners have been able to avoid major collisions with after-purchase installation. Below, you will find which features to add so you don’t have to worry about getting involved in an accident when you hit the road.

Collision-Avoidance System

A collision avoidance system is one of those modern technologies that you can fit into your old car. The aftermarket parts are easily available, and prices are more affordable than buying a new car that comes with this feature. It can not only save your life but also make driving a breeze. So, what is in a collision-avoidance system? Basically, the package consists of a camera, sensor, and dashboard display. The installation process, although easy, should be done by a professional to ensure proper functionality.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Having a tire pressure monitor is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways for drivers to ensure the working condition of their car tires. It is helpful in monitoring the tire pressure of all the tires through a sensor connected to the tire valve cap. You can get one installed by a car expert like Master Craft Auto Body if you live in or around Van Nuys, CA. And with Van Nuys being in close proximity to Los Angeles, you will definitely need all the safety features you can get hold of for your car.

Parking Sensors

This is another feature that is worth looking into when you are shopping for safety devices. Parking sensors come in handy where there are limited parking spaces. This system alerts you to people and objects obstructing your way when you are parking, reversing, or making a turn. The sensors are installed on the bumpers just like cameras. The display that can be mounted on a dashboard will warn you when you are dangerously close to an object.

Engine Diagnostic Kit

Engine diagnostics allow you to connect your car’s safety features with an application that indicates oil levels, air filter conditions, and the status of various elements related to the health of your vehicle. All you need to do is plug it into the port and access it via your smartphone. The feature also sends a reminder for your next oil change, maintenance work, or other services.

Bluetooth Calling Kits

In most states, including California, traffic law prohibits cellphone usage while driving. The solution is to use a hands-free kit that allows you to make and receive emergency calls or listen to music without the need to grab your phone. This feature is also inexpensive to add.

If you are looking for safety features to add to your car for a long drive or your daily commute, do not hesitate to contact Master Craft Auto Body.

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The 4 Best Products for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Finish

One of the best things about getting a new car is the beautiful paint job. Unfortunately, a vehicle’s finish deteriorates over time due to exposure to the elements, like the bright sun common in Van Nuys, CA. In response, automotive paint experts like Master Craft Auto Body have developed a number of techniques for keeping the finish on your vehicle looking pristine. Here are four of the best products typically used to protect your vehicle’s finish.

Car Wax

The most commonly used paint protection product for vehicles is car wax. Waxes come in many forms, ranging from a fully solid wax derived from plants to a fully liquid wax made of synthetic ingredients. Wax helps protect against heat, UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, bug splatters and other debris.

Car wax is inexpensive, with a typical canister or bottle of wax lasting for more than a dozen applications. The length of the protection is brief, lasting between six weeks and four months before needing to be reapplied. The wax is easily removed from the car’s surface with a detergent, which is necessary for a successful reapplication.


Synthetic sealant is another commonly used product for protecting car paint. Sealants form a thin protective barrier over the clear coat of the vehicle’s paint, giving the vehicle a glassy finish. This type of paint protection is effective against UV rays, chemical damage, tree sap and other harmful elements.

Synthetic sealants are not as inexpensive as car wax, but it is still considered affordable. They provide protection for three to six months, depending on factors like whether the vehicle is parked in the sun and how often it is washed. Like wax, it can be removed with the right detergent, but more prep work is needed before the sealant is reapplied.

Ceramic Coat

A ceramic coat is a synthetic liquid polymer that hardens into a thin layer of glass over any cosmetic imperfections on a car’s exterior, recreating the perfectly flat surface and brilliant shine you get with a new car. This type of paint protection provides scratch resistance, water resistance, a salt shield and superior protection against chemical contaminates.

The protection from a ceramic coat lasts for a long time, typically between two and five years, depending on various factors. It is one of the more expensive methods of paint protection because it looks best if it’s professionally installed. A ceramic coat requires extensive prep work if you need it applied correctly.

Clear Paint Protective Film

For the toughest paint protection around, car owners turn to clear paint protective film. Made of thermoplastic urethane, it’s virtually scratchproof and provides superior protection against chips from rocks and other types of minor scrapes. It has been found to last around 10 years, on average. Clear paint protective film is one of the more expensive forms of paint protection and it should be professionally applied by an experienced automotive technician.


The right type of protection for a vehicle’s finish depends on a number of factors, but these four products cover the needs of most car owners. If you have questions about which auto paint protection is right for your car, contact us at Master Craft Auto Body in Van Nuys today!

These 4 Tips Will Extend the Life of Your Windshield

Windshields today are made to last for many years, but even though they’re tough, they can get cracks from rocks hitting them and scratches from poorly maintained wiper blades and debris. But you might be interested to learn that you can make your windshield last longer by doing a few things to protect it. Incorporate these tips into your life to protect your windshield and extend its lifespan.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

When your wiper blades get old, the rubber cracks. This can cause the metal arms to scrape against the windshield when you’re trying to remove water, snow, ice, and other debris. This scraping will leave behind scratches on your windshield, which can even make it more difficult when driving into the sun.

Repair Chips and Cracks Promptly

Even a small chip or crack can grow quickly, and it can grow big. Over time, a chip can turn into a crack, and a crack can weaken the glass near it, causing the crack to expand out over the length of most of the windshield. Crack and chip repairs won’t make the look of the damage completely disappear, but a repair can strengthen the glass so that the damage doesn’t spread.

Avoid Driving Too Closely to Trucks Kicking Up Debris

If you want to avoid damage in the first place, be careful about getting too close to large trucks and semi-trailers because they can kick up a lot of rocks and debris that can damage your car, including your windshield. This is especially true of dump trucks that are carrying gravel and trucks on the freeway in Van Nuys. You could save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage simply by making sure that you leave enough space between your vehicle and the truck in front of you.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Some types of debris on your windshield can get stuck underneath your wiper blades. When you use your blades, you’ll begin to scrape the debris, including small rocks and sand, against the windshield, potentially causing scratches on the glass. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you got all of the dirt and debris off the windshield of your car is to lift the blades up when you go through the car wash. This is most true if you plan on washing by hand or going through a brushless automatic wash. If you’re going through a wash that uses automatic brushes, you need to wash them manually yourself because the wiper blades can get caught in the brushes.

If you’re interested in finding some ways to ensure that your windshield stays damage-free for as long as possible, make sure that you take these tips with you when you’re in your car driving in Van Nuys, CA, or you need to do some maintenance. Even a few scratches or cracks can significantly impair the look of your vehicle, and they can turn into big problems if you ignore them. Fortunately, Master Craft Auto Body can help you maintain your windshield and your entire vehicle. Call us today!

Tips to Ensure You Choose the Right Color for Your Next Car

Getting a brand-new car can be an exhilarating experience. While you’re likely worried about its size, technology, and internal luxury features, you’ll also want to be mindful of the color that you choose. Here are some of our best tips to help ensure that you’re happy with the color of your next car.

Determine Its Use

One of the biggest factors that’s going to affect the color that you choose for your car is how you’re going to use it. If you’re just going to be using the car for your personal vehicle, then it’s likely that any color will do. However, if you plan on using the vehicle for work-related purposes, it’s likely that you’re going to want to put graphics or some other form of mobile advertising on it. In this case, going with a lighter color like white is a great option to allow any type of graphics to be highly visible on the car. At Master Craft Auto Body, our auto paint shop can do a professional paint job on your car.

Consider Future Resale

At first, you may think that it doesn’t really matter what color car you get as long as you like the color. While this is true when you’re driving the car, you also need to think about the future of it. What happens 10 years down the road when you want to sell your vehicle to get a different one? It’s going to be harder to sell a vehicle that is a unique color like lime green as compared to selling a vehicle with a popular color like black.

Do You Want to Blend in or Stand Out?

Another great question to consider is whether you want to blend in or stand out when you’re driving around Van Nuys, CA. There’s no denying the fact that cars of bright colors like reds and yellows stand out way more than cars painted black or blue. If you’re proud of your vehicle and you want it to stand out so that people know that they’re passing you, then you may want to invest in one of those brighter colors. However, if you’re just looking to blend in and not particularly stand out, choosing a more neutral color is the way to go.

Consider Your Commitment to Maintenance

If you’re like most people, you enjoy riding around in a clean vehicle. When it comes to telling an auto body shop what color you want your car to be, you should think about how much time you have committed to maintaining the exterior of your vehicle. If you purchase a lighter color like a white or a tan, it’s very likely that your car is going to show dirt a lot quicker than colors like a pale blue or green.

With all the information above, it should be fairly easy to choose an appropriate color for your vehicle that will meet your needs. If you can’t find a vehicle in the color that you want or you’ve bought a car in one that you hate, be sure to contact the experts at Master Craft Auto Body to get it repainted today.