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The 4 Best Products for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Finish

One of the best things about getting a new car is the beautiful paint job. Unfortunately, a vehicle’s finish deteriorates over time due to exposure to the elements, like the bright sun common in Van Nuys, CA. In response, automotive paint experts like Master Craft Auto Body have developed a number of techniques for keeping the finish on your vehicle looking pristine. Here are four of the best products typically used to protect your vehicle’s finish.

Car Wax

The most commonly used paint protection product for vehicles is car wax. Waxes come in many forms, ranging from a fully solid wax derived from plants to a fully liquid wax made of synthetic ingredients. Wax helps protect against heat, UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, bug splatters and other debris.

Car wax is inexpensive, with a typical canister or bottle of wax lasting for more than a dozen applications. The length of the protection is brief, lasting between six weeks and four months before needing to be reapplied. The wax is easily removed from the car’s surface with a detergent, which is necessary for a successful reapplication.


Synthetic sealant is another commonly used product for protecting car paint. Sealants form a thin protective barrier over the clear coat of the vehicle’s paint, giving the vehicle a glassy finish. This type of paint protection is effective against UV rays, chemical damage, tree sap and other harmful elements.

Synthetic sealants are not as inexpensive as car wax, but it is still considered affordable. They provide protection for three to six months, depending on factors like whether the vehicle is parked in the sun and how often it is washed. Like wax, it can be removed with the right detergent, but more prep work is needed before the sealant is reapplied.

Ceramic Coat

A ceramic coat is a synthetic liquid polymer that hardens into a thin layer of glass over any cosmetic imperfections on a car’s exterior, recreating the perfectly flat surface and brilliant shine you get with a new car. This type of paint protection provides scratch resistance, water resistance, a salt shield and superior protection against chemical contaminates.

The protection from a ceramic coat lasts for a long time, typically between two and five years, depending on various factors. It is one of the more expensive methods of paint protection because it looks best if it’s professionally installed. A ceramic coat requires extensive prep work if you need it applied correctly.

Clear Paint Protective Film

For the toughest paint protection around, car owners turn to clear paint protective film. Made of thermoplastic urethane, it’s virtually scratchproof and provides superior protection against chips from rocks and other types of minor scrapes. It has been found to last around 10 years, on average. Clear paint protective film is one of the more expensive forms of paint protection and it should be professionally applied by an experienced automotive technician.


The right type of protection for a vehicle’s finish depends on a number of factors, but these four products cover the needs of most car owners. If you have questions about which auto paint protection is right for your car, contact us at Master Craft Auto Body in Van Nuys today!