Man cleaning scratch on car with green microfiber cloth and cleaner remover

How to Protect Your Car From Fading

Fading auto body paint is a real issue in the harsh Southern California sun. If you want to keep your paint looking good for longer, there are a few tricks to help keep it from fading.

Avoid UV

While we do get a lot of UV rays from the sun here in Van Nuys, you can take some steps to help keep it from fading your car’s paint. Park your car either in your garage or under a cover at home. When you are searching for parking away from your house, try to pick a shady or covered spot if possible. This will help keep your paint looking great longer.

Wash Your Car

Even if your car has a protective clear coat, dirt and grime can eat away at that coating. Many classic cars use coatings or paints that will be eaten away more quickly than modern formulations. Since we have a huge classic car culture here in Van Nuys, you may already know the importance of washing your vehicle every few weeks. Make sure you use nonabrasive cleaners and tools to ensure you don’t etch your paint.

Dry Your Car By Hand

If you leave your car to air dry after washing, you may end up with damage over time. The minerals in water can damage your vehicle’s paint and make it look less vibrant. Always dry your car with clean microfiber cloths or another soft fabric to prevent water spots that can damage your automobile.

Wax After Washing

Using wax, like carnauba wax or synthetic car wax, will help add a protective layer to your car’s paint. An orbital waxer makes the process much faster and easier for you. You can do it by hand as well if you want a really great arm workout. Make sure you don’t wax too often, or else it will build up and ruin the look of your vehicle.

Don’t Use Polish

While wax builds up a protective layer and can restore moisture to paint, polish takes away. Polish works by stripping away part of the protective coating to make your car look new. Over time, the polish will wear away your paint and leave it vulnerable to damage. Therefore, use polish very sparingly.

Trust the Pros

While wax can help fill in and mask some imperfections, after a point, the wax can’t hide it anymore. When your car needs a paint repair, you can trust the professionals at Master Craft Auto Body. If you need a whole new paint job, we can help with a full auto paint job that will make your car look new. Contact us today and enjoy a better paint job.