Auto Glass Repair in Van Nuys, Ca

Do you have a crack of chip in your windshield of window? Has that small scratch turned into something worse? Leaving Auto Glass imperfections unrepaired is not only a risk to the integrity of the window, it also poses a risk for you as a driver and passengers. Pick up the phone and call now for Auto Glass Repair in Van Nuys, Ca! (818) 643-6971 With years of experience, we at Master Craft Auto Body Shop are proud to serve our community with professional and reliable Auto Body Serves. Our certified technicians will work with you throughout your entire experience to provide 100% satisfaction. Whether you are in for a small imperfection in your window, or are working with an insurance deductible to correct collision damages.


What is Auto Glass Repair?

Auto Glass Repair in Van Nuys, Ca is a service term that refers to the process for repairing the majority of vehicle window imperfections and damages. Depending on the type of crack in your window would determine the approach to servicing it. If your window damage exceeds 3-4 inches we suggest you inquire about Auto Glass Replacement. As you may know there are a variety of locations and types of window cracks caused by all sorts of reasons. Whether a rock jumped up and hit your vehicle, or and object fell from a tree, the fact remains that if left untreated the potential risk for the crack to grow or spread increases. Last thing a driver would need with a damaged Auto Glass is for the entire window to give way and break completely. If you have a chip or crack in your Automobile, give us a call now for a free professional estimate. (818) 643-6971

How it works

When it comes to Auto Glass Repair in Van Nuys, Ca it is important to understand that most repairs are temporary solutions. This process works to prevent cracks from spreading. It is priority to fix a windshield crack that impairs driver vision, but most other restorations are cosmetic and would leave your vehicle’s glass structure as vulnerable as before. Repairs are fast and straightforward. The most common practice for repairing auto glass starts by cleaning off all dirt and residue from in and around the crack site. Once clean, our technician will mix a polymer resin to be injected throughout the entire crack. Then the resin will be cured and polished for optimal visibility and cosmetic appearance.

Here are the types of cracks we often repair:

We are confident that we can repair most damages affecting your auto glass. If your vehicle is in need of Auto Glass Repair in Van Nuys, Ca give us a call now to schedule your free professional estimate! (818) 643-6971

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What our customers are saying

" Their service was amazing! My car was hit very hard, i thought it was going to be a total loss and they ended up fixing my car within 2 months and saved it from being totaled, after all those huge repairs my Camaro still drives the same, it's like it was never even hit! Strongly recommend this place. "
jesus velasco
" The have very good service and they do a nice jobs on body work and paint "
Bryan Alvarado