Car Bumper Repair in Van Nuys, Ca

When your car’s bumper has been damaged in a fender bender, professional repair work from a trusted team of specialists is essential. While even a minor ding in your car’s bumper is an eyesore, bumper damage can also impact the well-being of you and your passengers. This is because the bumpers must be fully intact and in great condition in order to function properly. Bumpers often absorb a significant amount of force in the event of a collision, so any damages should be repaired promptly for your safety on the road. At Master Craft Auto Body Shop, our certified repair experts have the training and equipment necessary to work on all makes and models. We are the locally owned service shop that drivers trust for car bumper repair in Van Nuys, Ca, and you can rely on us to get the work done properly, promptly and at a fair price.


Quality Bumper Repair

When it comes to Car Bumper Repair in Van Nuys, Ca. Regardless of whether your car’s bumper is composed of semi-rigid or rigid plastic, we utilize proven processes and high-grade equipment to erase all signs of damage. Initially, we will assess the severity of the damage to determine if the bumper can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary. For replacements, we only use quality parts to ensure that our customers’ vehicles are properly restored to pre-collision condition. Whether the parts are replaced or repaired, our highly rated specialists will employ advanced paint blending techniques to deliver the flawless results that you expect. 

The specific repair process will depend on the severity of the damage and whether the bumper is made from thermoplastic or thermoset. Because thermoplastic bumpers are created by pouring melted plastic in a bumper mold, they are generally flexible, affordable and easy to recycle. Thermoset bumpers, on the other hand, are produced by crosslinking two types of polymers. These bumpers generally require more specialized repair techniques. Our team is equipped to repair all types of bumpers, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our workmanship. 

We understand how important it is for your car’s bumper to be impeccably restored after a mishap on the road, and you can rely on our experienced team to do great work at an affordable price. In addition, our repair shop is known for providing high-caliber customer service. From the honest approach that we take to deliver upfront pricing to our friendly customer service and our overall efficiency, we do what it takes to ensure that you have an amazing experience when you entrust us with your car’s care. We even work directly with most car insurance companies to facilitate the claims process. Let us show you what quality Car Bumper Repair in Van Nuys, Ca looks like. Call now! 

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When you bring your car to Master Craft Auto Body Shop for bumper repair in Van Nuys, Ca, you can feel confident that the work will be done to your satisfaction and that your car will be returned to you in great condition. There is no bumper replacement or repair project that is beyond our means. Contact our auto specialists today for a customized quote for car bumper repair in Van Nuys, Ca. 

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" Their service was amazing! My car was hit very hard, i thought it was going to be a total loss and they ended up fixing my car within 2 months and saved it from being totaled, after all those huge repairs my Camaro still drives the same, it's like it was never even hit! Strongly recommend this place. "
jesus velasco
" The have very good service and they do a nice jobs on body work and paint "
Bryan Alvarado