Collision Repair in Van Nuys, Ca

Experiencing a vehicle collision is extremely stressful and traumatic to say the least. On top of that there is the insurance claim you must deal with immediately following the incident. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Call Master Craft Auto Body Shop now for a free professional estimate. (818) 643-6971 Our experienced technicians will work with you and your deductible to ensure we provide the most essential repairs. Let us earn your trust by providing you with reliable Collision Repair in Van Nuys, Ca.


Assessment & Repair

The first step to Master Craft’s Collision Repair in Van Nuys, Ca is the assessment. When you bring your vehicle in we will begin by inspecting any and all damages. We will make recommendations for repairs and replacements depending on what is necessary, and what you can afford. All while keeping in mind the possibility of restoring and maintaining original parts affected by scratches, dents, dings, or other damages. Next, if applicable, we will work with your insurance deductible to ensure your vehicle will get the right repairs and services. Using only high quality replacement parts, we will service the repairs and replacements that will restore your vehicle’s structure. Followed by a thoroughly detailed cleaning and sanding of the serviced areas to prepare the vehicle for painting. After which we will apply multiple layers of color matched paint to restore your vehicles original finish. With one last inspection we will carefully search for dust, lint, and dirt before its off to polishing! It is after this step that our customers feel the weight of their collision lifted off their shoulders for good. So if you are currently dealing with the stress of a collision that resulted in an insurance claim, give the professionals you can trust a call.  (818) 643-6971 Let us at Master Craft Auto Body Shop earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Collision Repair in Van Nuys, Ca!

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What our customers are saying

" Their service was amazing! My car was hit very hard, i thought it was going to be a total loss and they ended up fixing my car within 2 months and saved it from being totaled, after all those huge repairs my Camaro still drives the same, it's like it was never even hit! Strongly recommend this place. "
jesus velasco
" The have very good service and they do a nice jobs on body work and paint "
Bryan Alvarado