Auto Paint Repair in Van Nuys, Ca

Both the paint and the topcoat used on modern vehicles are durable enough to withstand some forces and elements that they may be exposed to regularly. However, nicks and scratches can and do happen. These imperfections in your car’s paint job can become true eyesores. At Master Craft Auto Body Shop, we happily provide Auto Paint Repair in Van Nuys, Ca to our local customers. From our certified auto technicians to our well-equipped auto bays, we have what it takes to improve the façade of every make and model. With our satisfaction guarantee, you are assured that our friendly and professional team will do great work on your vehicle at a fair price. 


The Car Paint Repair Process

From the force of small debris hitting your car as you drive down the road to car keys and other items scraping against the surface of your car, minor damage to your car’s paint job is unfortunately common. When you bring your car to us for Auto Paint Repair in Van Nuys, Ca, we will begin the process by thoroughly cleaning the vehicle’s exterior. All grease, dirt and other elements will be removed so that our team has a clean surface to work on. 

The next step for car paint repair service is to prepare the surface for the application of paint. This is done by priming the area. Our pros will sand the area to create a smooth finish after the primer has dried. 

Our paint repair experts focus on erasing all signs of blemishes, and an important aspect of this is perfectly matching the paint color. We use a proven and advanced technique to precisely match the paint color. This paint is sprayed on the area and given time to dry. A clear and protective topcoat is then applied so that the repaired area has the same glossy finish as the rest of the vehicle. Our goal is to return your vehicle to you with a flawless paint job, and a smooth surface is an important aspect of this. Our team will lightly sand the area to create a smooth finish as a final step in the process. 

Do you need to file a claim with your auto insurance provider? As part of the service that we provide to our valued customers, we will happily take the stress of an auto insurance claim off of your hands by communicating with your provider directly. Our goals is to earn your trust and business by providing professional Auto Paint Repair in Van Nuys, Ca.

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Even a minor scratch or chip in your car’s paint can be a nuisance. These small blemishes can lead to rust, and significant damage can develop as a result. Paint repair from Master Craft Auto Body Shop is the solution that your car needs. Our highly rated and locally owned auto shop is known for the superior quality of our workmanship. We also have worked hard to maintain a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. You will always receive supportive assistance, honest answers and affordable rates from our auto shop. Our pros are available to provide you with a competitive estimate for Auto Paint Repair in Van Nuys, Ca, so contact us today.

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" Their service was amazing! My car was hit very hard, i thought it was going to be a total loss and they ended up fixing my car within 2 months and saved it from being totaled, after all those huge repairs my Camaro still drives the same, it's like it was never even hit! Strongly recommend this place. "
jesus velasco
" The have very good service and they do a nice jobs on body work and paint "
Bryan Alvarado